Dispute Resolution

We provide dispute resolution services for businesses needing mediation, facilitated conversations, consultancy or training.


Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution whereby an independent, neutral facilitator assist the parties in dispute to have a confidential and voluntary meeting to co-create and negotiate a sustainable solution to their dispute. The parties are the decision makers and remain responsible for deciding whether to settle the dispute or not. The facilitator uses a proven methodology (mediation) to assist parties with uncovering options, opportunities and possibilities for settling the dispute in way that traditional processes at times do not allow for.

Facilitated Conversations

Sometimes parties can benefit from having an independent, neutral party assisting them with their meetings or communications where the topic at hand has or is causing conflict, or where the parties themselves are in conflict. There are a range of facilitated conversations which can assist individuals and teams to work through these issues in a constructive and creative way and we offer bespoke facilitated conversations services.


We provide Dispute Resolution consultancy services for businesses who wish to obtain an independent, neutral opinion about a proposed strategy/ decision or who wishes to receive a combination of Dispute Resolution coaching and consultancy with a view to inform a strategy or decision.


We offer bespoke Dispute Resolution training to:

  • Individuals
  • Teams
  • Leaders
  • Executives

The training is tailored to your needs and required outcomes and uses mediation and coaching techniques in the design and delivery. All services can be provided in person or online.

You trained us to resolve a tricky workplace issue ourselves through dialogue and empathy, leading to an amicable outcome! We’re very happy and relieved.” – Executive, Private Sector

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